Video & Multimedia

video animations multimedia
on pages

Like image tells more than hundred words video tells more that thousand images.
We are used to watch videos and biggest disadvantage of printed publications is that cannot show more that text and images.

RichPaper publication can include video, animations and other multimedia content on pages.

Video, animation, form, multimedia or any other flash based application can be placed as an overlay on the publication pages. There is freely configurable how and when you would like to start it, you can include command buttons, regulate sound volume…etc. Please check videos on pages 1, 2, 3 and full-page animation on page 4.


  • On title page:
    Integrated video on title page is set to start automatically when page is loaded. Hoover over the video to see video controls.
  • On page 2:
    Video in top left corner will start automatically. It will zoom if you zoom page. Full screen mode can be set too.
  • On page 4:
    A simple flash animation is added to this page. Any flash content (videos, animations, forms…) can be added to pages.




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