Using QR code

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Customers need as much as possible information about the product before and after buying it. Usually we have lot of documentation about product available but we do not place it on retail store shelve or we cannot publish it on our website.

Use QR code and RichPaper to deliver all product documentation to your customer

One of the best solution is to place QR code on the product box or store shelve. QR code could contain link to documentation (i.e. user manual) of the product. Store visitor can simply scan QR code and will get full document open on his mobile (or desktop) device. 


  • What is QR code?
    Quick Response Code is a most popular graphic code for URLs, Addresses….etc. Read more…
  • What this demo shows?
    Just another example how to use RichPaper Solutions. Publish your product documentation with RichPaper and place QR code link to your product.
  • How can I test this?
    Just Scan the code on the image with your smartphone or tablet and you will get complete user manual toy our device.