Text To Speach Narrator

Text Magnifier and Machine Narration

Reading large newspaper page on a small screen or tiny mobile screen can be sometimes difficult and zooming page tiles can be time consuming and not enough user friendly.

Use RichPaper Magnifier and/or Narration

We at RichPaper suggest you to use on mouse over magnifier.  When you hoover mouse over the text in a column and pop-up with large text will open. If you move to another column new text will open automaticity. Of course you can choose font and size you want in order to reach best readability.
In demo above we demonstrate also use of machine narration. Simply click on text and it will be sent to and machine narration service (in our case tts-api.com) and you can listen complete article.


  • How to try this demo?
    Just hoover over the article to see magnified text. Click to hear a machine narration of the article.
  • What is magnifier?
    When we have large newspaper pages on small screen is impossible to read. In order to avoid zooming all the time we magnify text when cursor hoover over the text. Try it!
  • What is narrator?
    We could use professional or machine narrator to read text on page. This is especially useful when reading a newspaper article on small screen like smart phone.




Smart Phones