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Online Library

Create your online
magazine book

It is “a must” for every magazine, newspaper or book publishers to have library of their older issues online as readers often want to read and article from and older edition which they do not have as hard copy anymore. 

In the past this was time consuming and expensive task

Upload every issue to RichPaper system and you will have your own library. Your readers will have access to all issues you will allow. Of course you can put them behind subscription system and control which issues can be read free and which one are just for your subscribers. 


  • How can I access library?
    Just click library button on interface. This is second button from the left.
  • Does it work on iPad or Smart phones?
    Sure! This solution is fully compatible with all IOS and Android devices.
  • What is the maximum number of publication in library?
    There is no limit.




Smart Phones