Non-Subscribers Preview

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Publish preview of your
magazine book
on your website

These days it is hard for every publisher to get new subscribers. Every potential subscriber would like to get some free issues before making decision. Far best way is to place older issues free on the website and preview of the current with limited access.

RichPaper have many options for preview

In the demo above we are trying to present just few ideas how we can place preview on your website. Within many setting on RichPaper system we can choose reading limitation you prefer most


  • Where I can use this solution?
    Anywhere where you have subscription based access to your online or paper publications.
  • Does RichPaper manage subscriptions?
    Not directly, but we have developer subscription management. Contact us for details.
  • Which type of preview is better?
    Depend on use. In this demo we show just few examples. Contact us to determine which one is best for you.




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