Multilingual Descriptions (Russian)

Want your
catalog flyer brouchure
in multiple languages?

Within years we faced many companies they have catalog and would like to offer it in different markets. Use and agency to DTP and translate catalog to multiple languages could be expensive and time consuming task. So, what to do?

Create RichPaper catalog with multilingual product description

We suggest to use original catalog as the base. We only need to translate on mouse over captions. Texts can be translated by professional translators or we can even use online services like Google or Bing translate. We could also use different prices and currencies and different links to online shops or shopping carts.


  • Why translation in this demo are not 100% correct?
    For this demo we have used Google translate service.
  • Can we use professional translations?
    Sure! We encourage all customer to use professional translations.
  • Can be also translated automatically?
    Yes, and machine translation like Google Translate can be used too.




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