Live Banners

Live banners increase your ad CTR

Web sites are full of different advertising from text and banners to videos and animations. Click on banner usually takes us to the advertiser website where you can find more information about products or services.

RichPaper offers you some alternative ways for online advertising

Using RichPaper service you can create some more innovative types of online ads. In demo above you will find three ideas. Classic banner on top is just another way to flip ads. Banner on right side is a “dummy” demo on how you can implement catalog (magazine, newspaper…) subscription form within ad. Lower left banner is an example how to present your publication within an ad. Click on this banner will bring you to full screen view of the publication. Using Escape key on your keyboard will bring you back to banner view.


  • Top Banner:
    Shows just another way how to make banners more attractive.
  • Bottom Left:
    Sample ad for magazine. Click on ad to read it in full screen mode.
  • Bottom Right:
    Sample catalog ad. Click to pop-up catalog order form. (Demo)




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