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Most retailers across the globe use multi-channel approach to boost their sale. This include retail stores, paper catalogs and online store. Usually each channel have their own customers. To turn catalog customers into online customers especially in segments where we are talking about emotional shopping experience like fashion, jewelry, real estate…etc. In all these cases we need to bring customer online user experience as close as possible to paper catalog they are used to browse.

RichPaper brings printed catalog user experience to online world

We want to keep user experience user already know from printed paper catalog. Therefore we use high resolution PDF of printed catalog (same as sent to printing house) for our base. As we usually have additional available data like product name, description, price, sizes etc... 
We can use these data to generate pop-up captions in each link for easier reading. Click on link will take user to online ecommerce store exactly to clicked product. Links can be URL link, link to another page in catalog or even to zoomed position on that page. We can even use Java Script link for more advanced use.


  • Can I view it full screen?
    Yes, just click to full screen icon which is most left icon in control menu below catalog.
  • Where are links?
    Hoover with mouse over the product in the catalog and view product description. Click to follow the link to online store.
  • Does it work on iPad or Smart phones?
    Sure! This solution is fully compatible with all IOS and Android devices.
  • Does it load slowly when lot of pages?
    No, Number of pages does not have any influence to loading speed. It will always load and show fast.


Smart Phones