Image Showcase

High Resolution Image Galleries and Product Tours

RivhPaper Showcase integrates a resizable scroll pane displaying automatically generated thumbnails of multiple high resolution images. Clicking a thumbnail displays the image in offering the possibility to explore the image in all its details. This way hundreds of high resolution images can be easily presented to your web visitors using only a single viewer instance. As RichPaper Showcase automatically requests the required thumbnail images from single source imaging servers, authoring a showcase is nothing more than listing up the images you want to present with RichPaper Showcase. The image lists can either be manually defined or requested from a server. Image Server has a built in support for image lists based on an image directory or a database query. RichPaper Showcase can also be used to point out different sections of a single image by presenting these sections in the thumbnail bar. This allows creating interactive product tours or highlighting single objects in bundle images.


RichPaper Showcase offers a wide range of parameters to customize the layout and appearence of the add-on to perfectly match the design of your website or custom Skin. Additionally you can add multi-line text labels to thumbnails, specify hover and selected states and present predefined image sections in the thumbnails. Of course RichPaper Showcase has a built in support for virtual 3D presentations allowing the presentation of 2D and 3D images in a single Showcase instance.


  • How to use?
    Choose showcase image on left then click big image to zoom.


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