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FSI Server

With FSI Server you only need to create and maintain a single version of each image. It produces all the right variations including color profiles and formats in real-time. This concept is known as "single source dynamic imaging". Web applications can request an image in different sizes, resolutions and formats directly from the FSI Server using http queries. FSI Server also supports zoomable images on the web. This means a company can let web site visitors take a closer look at their information, products and services, to zoom in and examine details of high resolution images in a bandwidth efficient manner. Even images taking up hundreds of Megabytes or more can be examined in detail through a regular dial-up connection. This allows potential customers to examine details such as buttons and seams of clothing, the condition of antiques prior an auction, a map or an x-ray. FSI Server dynamically serves the images you need when you need them. For example, a shopping website might request a low-res thumbnail version of a product image for an overview and then a hi-res version for the product detail page. Only one original image is is initially uploaded and kept in storage, as FSI Server produces all the variations in real-time as requested. Images can be delivered "live" to any web page by means of simple http requests. FSI Server provides an extensive range of http commands allowing full control over the delivered image data.

Organizing Your Images with FSI Server

Using the web interface of FSI Server you can easily upload images, create and rename folders using your web browser. FSI Server additional provides the possibility to search your images for files matching certain criterias like part of a file name, part of an image title or IPTC data. Using the handy "Publishing" feature you can easily generate the HTML source code required to present images using FSI Viewer, FSI Showcase, FSI Pages or static images on your website.

FSI Server Facts

  • High performance Java Web Application
  • Designed for outstanding scalability (multi core CPUs, multi server setups, load balancing)
  • Superior image quality
  • HTML/AJAX based web interface to upload, manage and publish images
  • Single Source Imaging (e.g. JPEG or PNG images for web sites)
  • 20+ image modifiers (effects like sharpen, lighten, darken, blur and many more)
  • Support for transparent images (alpha channel)
  • Support for gigapixel images
  • Source image pools will not be modified and performance is independent of the source image format
  • Open Java API to integrate into DAM, CMS or similar systems


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