How Full-Service Works

We do all for you

You Upload Your Files

All you need to do is to upload PDF files of your publication. Easiest way to upload is to upload thru our upload page.
Alternatively you can upload it to our FTP or send it by any file transfer service as or
Best is if you upload same PDFs as you have sent to the printing house. Anyway they should be high resolution. Pages can be in one file, each pages separate file, double pages or any combination. Our team will take care to process it correctly.

We process it and deliver Link and HTML code

After we will receive your files our team will process it the best way we can. We will process all links in publication and convert all URLs to links. We will do all the setting which we think fits best to your website.
After that you will receive an email with link to your publication. Email will also contain short HTML code which you can simply copy/paste to your website and your publication will be there.
Same processing workflow if for digital imaging too.

Pay only if you like it

After you receive processed result from us you can review it and let us know about errors, correction, different setting or any other request you might have.
We always want your 100% satisfaction. In case you will not be satisfied with and you do not accept our work, simply let us know and we will delete it. No Question asked. No charge. No hard feeling.
You only pay our work after you are 100% satisfied.