HTML5 image Carousel

Present multiple Images with optional Zoom

HTML5 and JS based solution allow you to present multiple images as carousel, shuffle or flat image gallery. With number of setting thru web interface you are able to create state of the art product presentation within minutes.

It is fully compatible with all desktop and mobile touch devices.

• iPad (1-3)
• iPhone (1-3)
• Android 4.x and up based devices
• Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 and touch device
• Mac OS with touch device

How it works ?

The script retrieves an image list from FSI Server and display the images in form of an image carousel by means of a <canvas> element added to the specified <div> container element. The optional JavaScript callback functions enables developers to react on events fired by FSI ImageFlow. To use a callback you need to implement a corresponding JavaScript function AND pass the name of the callback function to the FSI ImageFlow instance.


  • How to use?
    Just slide with finger or mouse over carousel to spin it.
  • What modes are possible?
    Images can be presented as carousel, shuffle or flat.




Smart Phones