Advanced Sales Analytics

Make your 
catalog flyer brouchure
 analytics data live

In the catalog business most important is to have results available at any time and that we know for each product within catalog detailed results in every moment. Sometimes we also need solution to present catalog result to company top management.

RichPaper solution: Make catalog analytics data live

We can feed on mouse over captions directly with live data from your ERP or from your web analytics software.  If we cannot do this for a technical or data safety reasons we can update it periodically i.e. once per day. All we need to do is to create XML or graphic feed. Solution can be used also to present any other data on the pages.
Beside this catalog can be connected to an external software which will present data based on catalog page opened or product clicked. In our demo above we present imaginary statistic for each product on mouse over and double-page statistic on right side to demonstrate connectivity between catalog and outside application.

Double-page 4 -5 statistic

Web Data
1,025,325 Impressions
63,5214 Page Views
7,105 Clicks
Sales Data
Orders: 61 ($ 55,124)
Shipped: 51 ($ 48,512)
Returns: 11 ($ 3,125)
Economic Data
Value Sold: $ 44,125
Purchase Value: $ 19,542
Other Costs: $ 10,521
Double page profit: $ 6,214


  • What is this demo?
    This demo demonstrate java script connection between online publication and the rest of web application.
  • Can be used only for analytics?
    No, use of java script bridge is limited only with your imagination.